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Samantha Brown Features Nubian Square in her Boston Episode of Places to Love

Nubian Square locals including Collin Knight of Live Like a Local Tours and Clarissa Egerton of Frugal Bookstore welcomed Samantha Brown as she explored the neighborhood while filming for her Boston episode of Places to Love that launched on PBS earlier this year.

Among quintessential Boston experiences, such as rowing on the Charles River and sampling oysters at Union Oyster House, the episode featured Collin Knight's walking tours, a visit to Frugal Bookstore and of course, a stop at Nubian Square's must-see, Martin Luther King mural.

"It was an honor to host Samantha Brown on the Nubian Square Tour last summer. Samantha Brown heard about the work we were doing and decided to come to see Roxbury for herself," said Knight.

"We can’t tell you how proud we are to showcase Roxbury on a nationally syndicated show. It’s been our goal since we started to make sure the world knows about this neighborhood and its contributions to Black history and Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy."

Samantha Brown also shared her appreciation of Nubian Square in her article on 5 Unique Things to Do in Boston that listed 'Check out Roxbury' as #3!

The episode continues to air on PBS stations throughout the U.S. and can also be viewed online.

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